Why Malibu C?

We are constantly exposed to oxidizing substances: for example the air around us and the water that we shower in contain harmful minerals and metals. Malibu C removes these gently. Malibu C products are effective but still mild. They effect right on the problems, with minimal effect on the other features of the hair. The product is based on organic ingredients


Malibu C has been in the industry for over 30 years and has a solid knowledge of hair care problems, methods and sources of inspiration. Please find videos and educational materials at baldacci.se/malibuc.


Why Crystal Gel?

-Creates the best conditions for a successful color.

-Saves time and eliminates the need for new treatment.

-Removes minerals, metals, drug residues and other substances that block the colour from getting absorbed in the hair

-The colour absorbs and covers particularly well and has a long-lasting effect

-Ensures a unique color for gray hair

-Eliminates discoloration caused by mineral and metal deposits

-Completely stops colour oxidation – important for optimum colour durability and hair loss prevention

-Restores the natural pH value of the hair and scalp

-Protects the scalp from irritation and colour stains