Hair extensions

At Q Hair we have the best hair extensions that market has to offer. We have tape extensions as well as pre-bonded extensions. We’re always following the fast developing market of the hair extensions in order to be able to offer our customers the extensions that fits precisely for them.

With extensions we can lengthen your hair fully or just partially, add volume or make some color effects without dyeing your own hair.

There’s no way of saying which is the best way to extend your hair, but the method is chosen for each customer individually. Therefore we offer free of charge consultation for anyone thinking of getting hair extensions. In the consultation appointment it’s possible to discuss with our stylists about your wishes and the best techniques for you.

Pre-bonded extensions

is a more traditional technique which works really well and with a beautiful result. Pre-bonded extensions fit especially to anyone who wishes for natural outcome. Keratin can be cut in to smaller pieces and that way it fits even for quite thin hair. We use high quality extensions from producers like BPhair, Hair by Nature and Simply Natural. The length options to choose from are 30cm, 40cm, 50cm and 60cm and there’s color options for everyone. Pre-bonded extensions lasts about three to four months after which the extensions are removed. When extensions are done by our professionals and when treated well, they won’t damage your own hair or its growth.

Tape extensions

is an established and very well-functioning method. Tape extensions have already been on the market for several years, so we have a lot of experience using them. The advantage of the tape extensions is that they’re quite quick to attach and possible to maintain them without having to remove them. The extensions should be maintained every six to eight weeks. The same hair can be maintained average three times before the hair needs to be replaced. By neglecting taking care of the extensions and skipping maintenance will quickly lead to the tapes showing between your own hair.

Tape extensions fits best if you wish for volume. Usually the tapes will be attached to your own hair in 4cm wide pieces so there won’t be so much stress for your own hair. The tape extensions are removed with gentle products which are developed to make sure that removing the tapes won’t damage your own hair. Tape extensions can be used for full head or just partially, to add volume or to make some cool color effects without dyeing your own hair.

Mago extensions

Mago extensions are not glued, taped, or sealed to the customer’s hair. The extension section is attached to hair only with cotton string. As a result, the movement of the extension hair is so natural that the user may forget that they are wearing hair extensions. The weight of this string is non-existent and does not damage the scalp. The customer will notice this as a lighter end result.

Correctly attached Mago extension hair cannot fall off until the hair stylist removes them, and they won’t damage your hair in any way. Mago extensions are very easy to remove. The hairdresser only needs scissors, no chemicals or electrical appliances. The nodes endure excellently water, shampoo, heat, etc.

Simply Natural Mago hair extensions do not use any chemicals when attaching or removing. The hairdresser can offer Mago extensions without the fear that the attachment technique would cause allergic reactions. This will benefit consumers, hairdressers and the environment.

Care instructions for extensions


-Brush your hair regularly in the morning and in the evening and before washing them

-Use a hairbrush specially developed for hair extension to brush your hair

-Use a leave-in conditioner spray or balm on your hair, but not on the attachment points


 Do not wash your hair for the first 36 hours after the extensions have been attached.

Avoid unnecessary hair washing always when you have the extensions on, because the washing will stress the hair and the attachment points. Usually two to three washes per week is enough. However, if you have an easily sweating or greasy scalp, washing may be necessary more often. For greasy scalp, it’s recommended to use hair care products designed for greasy hair that will suppress sebum secretion and soothe the scalp. When you have hair extensions, it is imperative to use only mild care and styling products recommended for hair extensions. For example oil-containing smoothing products and especially alcohol-containing products can damage the extensions.

 Never use deep cleansing, structural or protein-containing products for hair extensions

1. Do not wash your hair head upside down

2. Wash your scalp by using your fingertips between attachment points

3. There’s no need to rub the shampoo on the hair lengths, because they are washed while rinsing

4. Rinse your hair thoroughly after washing

5. The points of extension attachments must be dried properly after washing

6. You shouldn’t go to bed with wet hair and for the night the hair should be lightly tied or braided


Other considerations

-We recommend that you go to the sauna with dry hair shielded in a towel

-Avoid exposure to chlorine and salty sea water because it will strain the extensions

-Do not touch the attachment points of the extensions unnecessarily