Effective and pampering Formosa treatment is designed for scalp problems and to give an intensive care for your hair. You can purchase a gift card for this luxurious treatment from our salons and our web shop.

Formosa is Portuguese for beautiful. Your scalp is a major part of your beauty and well-being. Scalp ages much faster than your face and you need a healthy scalp to have a healthy hair.

Scalp gathers remnants of the hair products you use as well as dead cell tissue and impurities from the environment. You need a special treatment and cleansing to get rid of those. Your regular shower routine just isn’t enough.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture massage relaxes and helps the blood circulation. You will get eyepatches and you can listen to relaxing music during the treatment.

All of the O’right products used in the treatment are ecological and safe to use.

The treatment is designed down to every tiny detail so it will be an unique experience.

In short: the perfect treatment for a busy life!

Here you can see the main points of the treatment:


In the consultation, the hair is brushed with a special bamboo brush with small nodes so that some of the extra incrustation is removed from the scalp.

We will choose the products for the treatment based on the need for cleansing of the hair and scalp as well as possible scalp problems.


Over time, the scalp will accumulate many kinds of dirt that will stick to the hair follicles and clog them. Clogged follicles prevent hair growth. Often hairs get tangled and begins to grow in the same follicle or in worst case the hair starts to fall off. Peeling removes all the extra dirt and allows hair to grow healthy.

Formosa massage

Acupressure and massage technique is based on thousands of years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine. The body, mind and soul are seen as one entity and this leads to total relaxation and inner peace and tranquility. Stimulating scalp massage focuses on the 12 acupressure points. These points promote blood circulation and reduce stress, migraine and tension. The massage is always done with a shampoo which we choose for you based on your hair and scalp type and condition.


After the peeling and massaging the scalp needs moisture and soothing ingredients. The serum is gently rubbed into the scalp, and we let it affect under a hot towel.

Intensive mask

When the hair and the scalp are cleansed, it is time to pamper your hair. We use a luxurious and intensive Bamboo treatment. It’s more effective than regular conditioner and we give some boost to its effectivity with heat. The mask will moisturize the hair and fix damages on them.

Caffeine hair tonic

The well-being of your scalp is finished with an outstanding product, Caffeine Hair Tonic. It’s a miraculous fluid that balances and calms your scalp, strengthens roots and helps with hair growth.


Then we put final touches to the hair by using O’right Green Tea Spray and hair oil chosen for your hair. These products will give your hair gorgeous shine and protects them from the heat of a blow dryer. After this you’ll be ready for enjoying your day!

You can book an appointment for Formosa treatment at any Q Hair salon either with our booking system online or by calling us. You may purchase a gift card with interest-free payment period or if you wish to pay the gift card immediately online, it’s possible to do here. Gift cards are also available at Q Hair salons.

Formosa pampering treatment for short and medium hair is 79€ and for long hair 89€.

The treatment takes about 1,5 hours.

Welcome to enjoy!