Digital Perm

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Classic Perm

Permanent is a structure treatment where we can shape your hair structure different than its natural shape, for example from straight to curly or wavy.

You need to book a consultation appointment before permanent treatment so we can assess what kind of treatment is possible for your hair. Our professional stylists are fit to choose the right products and the right potency of the treatment. We won’t do structure treatments for highly damaged hair.

Brazilian keratin treatment

Keratin service is currently unavailable (3/2022).
Keratin treatment is currently one of the most popular hair treatments and only gaining popularity. Treatment fits everyone who has difficulties with their hair whether the hair is rough, damaged, curly or afro or if you just want easiness, gloss and silkiness for your hair. Sometimes keratin treatment is mistakenly called Brazilian keratin straightening. Keratin treatment gives effective and long-lasting help for several kind of hair problems, not just for curly hair.

Argila Amazonia – New generation brazilian keratin treatment

Keratin service is currently unavailable (3/2022).
Argila Amazonia keratin treatment is based on natural and quite rare raw materials from Amazon rainforest, like white clay and murumuru oil. The treatment does not contain formaldehyde, parabens, salt, colouring ingredients, ammonia or any harmful chemicals. The ingredients used in the treatment are not tested with animals and they are vegan.

This revolutionary treatment reduces roughness and curliness of the hair and transforms the hair shiny and silky in the blink of an eye. After the treatment even the most difficult hair is tamed and your hair will be easy to control and style. The treatment is suitable for all hair types no matter what the previous treatments are. If your hair is a bit fragile as a result of bleaching for example, keratin treatment will bring your damaged hair back to life.

The result is long-lasting and it needs to be renewed every three to five months if you wish to maintain the silkiness and the ability to control your hair easily. The endurance of the treatment is substantially affected by the frequency of hair washing; the more often you wash your hair, the faster the treatment needs to be renewed.

Color treatment should be done two weeks before or two weeks after the keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment is carried out by applying the keratin to the dry hair washed in the salon and letting it effect for 30 minutes. Then the keratin is “forced” inside the hair by using heat of a blow dryer and a special styling iron. With the iron, the stylist goes through each hair section seven to nine times and for that reason the treatment might take two to six hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

After the treatment it is very important to use shampoo and conditioner products that doesn’t contain sodium chloride.

Argila Amazonia keratin treatment prices

Length/thickness of the hair   Delicate   Normal   Thick
Short 160€ 180€ 210€
Medium 220€ 250€ 300€
Long 300€ 350€ 420€
Extra long 400€ 450€ 520€



In case your hair hasn’t been treated with keratin by one of our stylists, you are very welcome to visit us for a consultation to discuss with our stylist about which treatment should be the best for your hair. You will also learn what kind of outcome can you expect from the treatment and the exact price for your hair. The consultation doesn’t obligate you to anything and it’s free of charge. You may contact us via email at info@Qhair.fi or via our contact form or by calling us. Please find our phone numbers and contact form from our contact page.

The treatment is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 16 years of age.