Delicate and itchy scalp, greasy or broken hair, or just in need for pampering? We have different kind of scalp and hair treatments to choose from. If you’re unsure which treatment would be the best solution for your needs, you can contact us for advice. We will be happy to help you!

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Olaplex – No more damaged hair

Olaplex treatment guarantees that your hair won’t go in bad condition ever again while bleaching, colouring or while doing a structure treatment. We guarantee that your hair will be in considerably better condition after using our Olaplex services.

Olaplex is a substance developed in the US in 2014. It will prevent the sulfur bridges in the hair fiber layers from damaging and it also rebuilds the broken sulfur bridges that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. The treatment strengthens the fiber layers of the hair.

This new technology revolutionized hair colouring and there was nothing like it before Olaplex came along. The end result is immediately visible and tangible. Best of all, it’s not a substance that would temporarily fill the gaps between damaged hair follicles, but Olaplex rebuilds the bridges so the result is permanent.

With Olaplex treatment we are able to lighten your hair considerably more than we could have imagined before as well as provide structural treatments. All the colours will remain brighter and more intense for longer and we’re sure your hair is in excellent condition after any treatment.

Now with the help of Olaplex we have accomplished numerous incredible treatments that we didn’t think was possible to do. We are really happy to be able to offer all our customers the opportunity to get the hair of their dreams without compromising the health of the hair.

How does it work?

Olaplex treatment is a simple three-step process. In the first step the bleach/dye is mixed with Olaplex Bond Multiplier. This prevents the degradation of the sulfur bridges of the hair fiber layer that normally happens when colouring without Olaplex. The Olaplex molecules start rebuilding broken sulfur bridges. After the colour treatment the hair is treated with Olaplex Bond Perfector, which strongly binds the bridges together.

The treatment continues at home once a week with the Olaplex Hair Perfector which you can use whenever washing your hair. The home care product isn’t necessary, but strongly recommended, especially if the hair is often treated with styling iron, hairdryer or any other thermal device or if it’s strongly brushed. The home care product prevents damage and repairs hair from the daily burden.

Olaplex bleach and colour treatment

In case you are considering bleaching your hair, we strongly recommend treating it with Olaplex. Bleaching is the most stressful procedure for hair, often leaving it dry and rough. You can leave the dryness and roughness behind when bleaching is done with Olaplex treatment. With Olaplex we are also able to lighten your hair much more than with traditional bleaching method without fear of hair damage.  So now it’s possible to fulfil your dream ombré, pastel or blond look while keeping your hair in good condition.

Colour treatments with Olaplex significantly increase the shine of the hair as well as intensity and fullness of the colour. If colour treatments have previously caused dryness or roughness in your hair, we strongly recommend doing them with Olaplex.

Olaplex add-on prices to our colouring services

Hair length With colour treatment
Short hair 28€
Medium hair 32€
Long hair 38€
Extra long hair 43€


Olaplex salon treatment

If your hair is in bad condition, dry or rough, Olaplex salon treatment is an unbelievable help. We have often witnessed situations where hair has been in such a fragile condition from too many treatments that they are already breaking when brushing. Olaplex salon treatment has been really helpful in this kind of situations and the condition of the hair has changed significantly for the better and stronger and the breaking has ended.

If your hair is in very poor condition and you’re planning further treatment for them, we recommend Olaplex salon treatment at least one day prior to the Olaplex colour or bleaching treatment. Olaplex salon treatment has also saved a number of hair extensions that are in bad condition.

Olaplex salon treatment can be done together with other hairdressing services or you can book the appointment separately.

Price of the Olaplex salon treatment

Olaplex salon treatment can be done in conjunction with other services, such as hair cutting, or you can book an appointment for only Olaplex salon treatment. Please find our prices for Olaplex treatment with colouring service above.

Hair length Add-on price with other service Blow dry + Olaplex treatment
Short hair 35€ 65€
Medium hair 44€ 77€
Long hair 57€ 88€
Extra long hair 63€ 99€