Be gorgeous and dapper at any occasion. Our talented professional makeup artists do makeups that fits to the customer and for any kind of party from birthday to the Independence Day Party.

Evening party makeup

We have years of experience in doing makeups for example for evening parties. We create the makeup according to the client’s skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and clients own preferences. The price for the party makeup is 106€ and it takes about 1,5-2 hours to do it.

Would you also like a party updo matching with your makeup for the same occasion? Please find more information here!

Personalized makeup guidance

Many of us have a bag full of makeup but we don’t even know what to do with them. You can bring your own makeup with you and our professional makeup artists will show you how to use them. We can also tell you how to avoid awkward mistakes, for example often the foundation or lipstick might be a wrong colour or tone. We will show you how to do a casual weekday makeup and how to adjust it to make it suitable for an evening event by using darker shades and making the look a bit stronger. Maybe you already have all the products you need, but if not, we’ll give you tips on what to get.

The appointment takes two hours. You can book it by calling to the salon of your wish.

Price 240€.