Eco services

Many of us cherish ecological values and they also extend to hair care and at Q Hair we also want to offer our customers an ecological alternative for treatments and hair colouring. We have eco hairstylists specialized in plant colours and they have completed a specialist degree in this field.

Our eco-services include plant colours suitable for many kind of preferences, clay defecation and cleansing treatment.

Deep cleanse with carrageenan seaweed

When you come to plant colouring for the first time, we recommend making an eco-cleansing before colouring. Seaweed deep cleanse removes residues of normal hair products and heavy metals from the hair. Deep cleansing is also suitable for removing iron-induced greenish colour from your hair. In addition, carrageenan is used after drug treatments to remove drug accruals.

Please note that the treatment cannot be done during the course of medical treatment.

The deep cleanse treatment takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the length and thickness of the hair. The treatment includes washing and drying.

Price 90€.

Clay brightening

Clay brightening is an ecological way to lighten hair.  Depending on the quality of the hair, clay brightening will lighten the hair by 1-3 degrees. Prior to clay brightening, we’ll do a cleansing treatment, after which the hair receives the power of the clay better. Clay cleansing works really well for this purpose.

Plant colouring and eco colours

By mixing different kinds of plant colours the eco hairstylist customizes a colour that is just right for the customer. The plant colours gain their tones from different kind of herbs and plants.

Plant-based eco-colours use only nature’s own, pure colours and they only ingress the outer surface layer of the hair. These colours colour the hair directly and therefore do not result in a chemical reaction. The ingredients that make up the eco-colours treat your hair keeping them healthy and give them shine, vitality and dense.

Please note that the natural colours are not able to significantly lighten hair. Major changes may require more processing. Before using the plant colouring, we recommend that you do a treatment that removes hair from the remains of normal hair products.


Plant colouring and cutting
Short 170-180€
Medium 200€
Long 230-240€
Extra long 270-280€

+ Double colouring for the grey hair 15€/per appointment

Plant colouring
Short 140-150€
Medium 165-170€
Long 185-190€
Extra long 205-210€

+ Double colouring for the grey hair 15€/per appointment