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Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Julia, a 30-year-old creative soul. To me, the world is a beautiful and wondrous place, always offering something new to marvel at and learn from. I’ve traveled extensively throughout my life, living on different continents. I love learning new languages and cultures, and I enjoy listening to people’s life stories. In my free time, I now prefer staying at home rather than going out, relishing in the slow moments and tranquility of everyday life. My hobbies include cooking, painting, and music.

How did you end up to Hair industry working as a stylist?
Since I was young, I’ve been expressing my creativity in various ways, and as a teenager, I became interested in hair and beauty. This led me to play hairstylist with my friends using home hair dye kits and scissors. However, my parents discouraged the idea of pursuing a career in the hair industry, so I ended up graduating from high school. The dream of becoming a hairstylist resurfaced in university when I saw an advertisement for a hairdressing school on the bus. I applied and haven’t regretted my choice since.

Where do you find an inspiration for your work?
Nature is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I often find myself marveling at the colors, shapes, and contrasts during walks, discovering more the closer I pay attention to my surroundings.

What do you like the most about your work, and what are your strengths?
I enjoy most in my work the process of finding a shared vision with the client and the joy that comes from successfully realizing it for both parties. I believe that at least 50% of a hairstylist’s job is communication, with the rest being craftsmanship. I specialize in bridal hairstyles, where the importance of communication is even more pronounced, as the bridal hairstyle must align perfectly with the wearer’s desires. I also work as an instructor at Unika, and I find it wonderful to teach aspiring hairstylists and to follow their development.

How long have you been working as a hairstylist?
I’ve been in the industry for a decade, accumulating expertise across the board.

Julia serves her clients in Finnish and English.

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Junior Stylist – Make Up Artist

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, I’m Tessa. In addition to my profession as a hairdresser, I am also a makeup artist and cosmetologist. I have been working in the industry as an entrepreneur since I was 17 years old. The field is a great passion of mine, and I constantly utilize the skills from all my professions in my entrepreneurial work. I easily get excited about things and always strive to learn more, aiming to make the most out of life. In my free time, I enjoy reading fantasy literature, practicing boxing, and dreaming of stunt acting jobs.

How did you end up to Hair industry working as a stylist?
Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed styling my own hair, and as a teenager, I did hairstyles for my friends for events like confirmations and “vanhojentanssit”. I was always the one asked to dye and cut the hair of family members and friends using store-bought colors. I always knew I wanted to expand my skills into the hairdressing field as well.

Where do you find an inspiration for your work?
I love movies and TV shows, especially hairstyles in them, which greatly inspire me. I also constantly find inspiration from social media and people around me for my own work.

What do you like the most about your work, and what are your strengths?
I enjoy the vastness of the field the most, where graduating in a specific profession doesn’t limit you to just one type of work. Every day is different, meeting different people and hearing their stories. I constantly feel euphoria in my work, which indicates that I am truly in the right field. One of my strengths is my ability to read people and manage overall tasks effectively. I also strive to always be approachable, so that clients feel comfortable expressing even the smallest of their desires to me. Currently, my strength in hairdressing lies in hairdos.

How long have you been working as a hairstylist?
I graduated as a hairdresser in March 2024, but I have been working as an entrepreneur in cosmetology and makeup artistry since 2018. I am an enthusiastic newcomer in the industry and hope for many opportunities to learn.

Tessa serves her clients in Finnish and in English.

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Stylist (english or russian only)

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Egor. I am a happily married man with two incredible dogs named Stefani and Joanne, named after Lady Gaga. In my career, I have worked in various roles, such as a top stylist, trainer, and salon owner.

How did you end up in being a hair stylist?
Becoming a hairdresser wasn’t my childhood dream. My initial education was as a primary school teacher. It was enjoyable to study, but it didn’t feel like my ultimate career. I decided to look at my career options from another perspective. I asked myself – what truly interests me? Then, a friend asked me to cut their hair. The moment was full of excitement. Soon the decision was made – I would become a professional hairdresser.

Where do you find inspiration?
In my work as a hairstylist, I am always inspired by the happy emotions of my clients when they see the final result. There is a special expression on their faces when they truly love their new look.

What do you like the most about your work, and what are your strengths?
My strengths in my work are communication, haircuts, coloring, blow-drying, and teamwork.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been working as a hairstylist for almost 15 years. I stopped counting after the 10th year..

Egor serves his clients in English and Russian.

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Junior Stylist
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I come from Helsinki and I’ve lived here all my life. The beauty industry has always interested me, so it felt natural. I studied at a private school and graduated in 2014.

My biggest source of inspiration is social media. MAny of my skilled colleagues inspire me to move forward and constantly learn new things.

Different types of olourings are close to my heart. I like doing natural hair such as highlights, soft but rich browns and different nuances of blonde results.

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I come from Oulu, but my previous studies brought me to Helsinki 20 years ago. Already then I was interested in studying to become a hairstylist, but I ended up in the restaurant industry and stayed there for quite some time. Now I felt that the restaurant industry could no longer offer me challenges, so studying a new profession for myself became topical. Again I started to dream of becoming a hairstylist and here we are. I enjoy my new profession immensely.

I get inspiration from everywhere; on the streets, social media, education, my colleagues and customers. I’m by nature a social observer, so I’m influenced by everything around me. I’m really eager to learn new things and for that reason I try to look at the world with as open mind and eyes as possible.

In my work I’m excited about everything, but definitely the most I want to create beautiful entities with coloring and cutting. I like to make natural looks, but on the other hand bold and colorful changes are wonderful to implement. The best thank you is a happy customer.

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Senior Stylist

I’m born and raised in Helsinki. Already at a early age I knew that I wanted to study beauty industries. Hairdressing came more interesting than beauty therapist in elementary school.

I look for inspiration for my work from social media, friends, magazines and all kind of things around me.

I like to cut short haircuts the most. Especially with razor. Also educating students in our own school is very close to my heart. But the very best thing is to meet new people and make their dreams come true.

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Senior Stylist

I’m from Helsinki and I got interested in this industry when I had the feeling that my earlier profession wasn’t the right for me. I wanted to do something creative and work with people.

Already at a young age I was interested in hair styling. My mother was always dyeing and cutting my hair, and even made me a permanent once. Now I just want my mother to be proud of me and my professionalism, and now it’s my turn to do her hair. I enjoy seeing the happiness on my customers faces when they get a new look. My inspiration comes from social media, my colleagues and trainings.

I like colouring. Balayage and soft natural result are wonderful and practical. I think they are suitable for almost everyone because they have so many different possibilities and they can always be done according to the customer. I also enjoy doing unusual colourings.

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Art Director – Photographer – Filmmaker

I live in Helsinki. As a young boy I was always doing everyone’s hair and it was natural for me to start studying it. Later I also studied photography and now I’m doing that along with working as a hair stylist. I’m combining my two passions photography and being a hairstylist and I photograph a lot of marketing materials for Q Hair, too.

I get inspiration from all around me and I follow the industry and I’m interested in knowing what’s happening there.

I love doing every kind of works. Specially I like interacting with the customers and giving them joy and new style.

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Senior Stylist

My roots are in Vietnam, but I’ve spent my childhood in Kerava and now I live in the metropolitan area. Everything related to beauty and fashion has always been close to my heart, but my hairstylist sister was the person who made me interested in hair styling and trying out the profession.

In everyday life, I get my inspiration from my really skilled and talented colleagues, trainers and also social media.

The most I like to do natural and soft colours with balayage and striping. And I also favor carefully thought-out soft and moving lines. My entities are always tailor-made to emphasize the best of my clients.

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Senior Stylist

I’m originally from the west coast, but I’ve lived in Helsinki for years now. I had only two options as my possible profession; either a florist or a hairstylist, so I became a hairstylist.

I get inspired by urban street fashion, art and subcultures. That’s where I get ideas for my work.

I love customer encounters. My favorite things to do at work are hairdos, cutting and colouring.

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Style Director – Eco Hairstylist – Estenomi – Salon Manager

I’m from Helsinki and I have thought of being a hair stylist since I was a child. I tried to fight “my dream” for a moment. However, eventually I ended up studying to become a hairstylist.

I get inspired of travelling, the environment, my work community and also by following trendsetters and hairstylists around the world on social media.

I like client encounters and the joy the client gets from their new hair. I really enjoy doing entireties through colouring and cutting and I also like to do multi-coloured hair!