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Junior Stylist
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Stylist (english or spanish only)

I’m a stylist with a passion for hair and beauty, and I have recently moved to Finland from Australia. In Australia, I have worked at the continent’s most prestigious salon, Edwards & co, where I progressed to their most coveted “Master Stylist” level merit in record time. Falling in love with a Finnish beauty took me from Australia to Finland and through it into the Q Hair family. The passion for the field ignited as a child when I got to help my mother in her salon after school.

I seek inspiration from social media, various magazines and fashion photoshoots.

I love making major color changes as well as extensions the most, but I love everything I do.

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Stylist (on a maternity leave)

I come from Helsinki and I’ve lived here all my life. The beauty industry has always interested me, so it felt natural. I studied at a private school and graduated in 2014.

My biggest source of inspiration is social media. MAny of my skilled colleagues inspire me to move forward and constantly learn new things.

Different types of olourings are close to my heart. I like doing natural hair such as highlights, soft but rich browns and different nuances of blonde results.

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Junior Stylist

I come from Oulu, but my previous studies brought me to Helsinki 20 years ago. Already then I was interested in studying to become a hairstylist, but I ended up in the restaurant industry and stayed there for quite some time. Now I felt that the restaurant industry could no longer offer me challenges, so studying a new profession for myself became topical. Again I started to dream of becoming a hairstylist and here we are. I enjoy my new profession immensely.

I get inspiration from everywhere; on the streets, social media, education, my colleagues and customers. I’m by nature a social observer, so I’m influenced by everything around me. I’m really eager to learn new things and for that reason I try to look at the world with as open mind and eyes as possible.

In my work I’m excited about everything, but definitely the most I want to create beautiful entities with coloring and cutting. I like to make natural looks, but on the other hand bold and colorful changes are wonderful to implement. The best thank you is a happy customer.

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Stylist - Make Up Artist

Originally I come from Estonia and I moved to Helsinki from Vaasa. I’ve always wanted to work in an industry where every day is different and where I could use my creativity. Two years after primary school I knew I wanted to work as a hair stylist, and I have never regretted the decision.

I mostly get inspiration from social media like Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. It’s the best way to keep up with the latest trends. I also seek inspiration from regular trainings, daily life and colleagues.

What I like the most about my job is that every day is different, and I can see the change in my customers. New trends for every season and there’s always more to learn. The most I like to do big color and haircut transformations and different hairdos.

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Junior Stylist

I’m born and raised in Kuopio. Working as a hairstylist is one of my childhoods dream jobs. I moved to Helsinki in 2016 to study this profession. I completed my studies in early 2018.

I look for inspiration from hair educations, magazines, styles of celebrities and social media. Also the client itself is one of the best source of inspiration.

I like cutting short hair, bob hairstyles and also mens hair. I admire Vidal Sassoon hairstyles. What comes to hair colouring, I like to create more unusual colors like different shades of red, pastel colors, even greens and yellows.

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Senior Stylist – Eco Hairstylist – Estenomi

I moved to Helsinki in 2010 from Kanta-Häme. I knew from a young age that I want to be a hairdresser just like my grandma. After I gratuated as a hairdresser I’ve studied also a beautician, eco hairdresser and bachelor of beauty and cosmetics.

I get inspired of my colleagues, training, traveling and of course social media.

What I like most about my work is higlighting with various techniques and especially blondes and coppers are my favorite hair colors. As an educator I think that professional development is a very important part of my job. The very best thing in this field is that you can always learn something new!

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Senior Stylist

I’m born and raised in Helsinki. Already at a early age I knew that I wanted to study beauty industries. Hairdressing came more interesting than beauty therapist in elementary school.

I look for inspiration for my work from social media, friends, magazines and all kind of things around me.

I like to cut short haircuts the most. Especially with razor. Also educating students in our own school is very close to my heart. But the very best thing is to meet new people and make their dreams come true.

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Senior Stylist

I’m from Helsinki and I got interested in this industry when I had the feeling that my earlier profession wasn’t the right for me. I wanted to do something creative and work with people.

Already at a young age I was interested in hair styling. My mother was always dyeing and cutting my hair, and even made me a permanent once. Now I just want my mother to be proud of me and my professionalism, and now it’s my turn to do her hair. I enjoy seeing the happiness on my customers faces when they get a new look. My inspiration comes from social media, my colleagues and trainings.

I like colouring. Balayage and soft natural result are wonderful and practical. I think they are suitable for almost everyone because they have so many different possibilities and they can always be done according to the customer. I also enjoy doing unusual colourings.

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Art Director – Photographer – Filmmaker

I live in Helsinki. As a young boy I was always doing everyone’s hair and it was natural for me to start studying it. Later I also studied photography and now I’m doing that along with working as a hair stylist. I’m combining my two passions photography and being a hairstylist and I photograph a lot of marketing materials for Q Hair, too.

I get inspiration from all around me and I follow the industry and I’m interested in knowing what’s happening there.

I love doing every kind of works. Specially I like interacting with the customers and giving them joy and new style.

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I come from Helsinki and I’ve lived here for almost my entire life. I lived in Tampere for one year, but got drawn back to Helsinki. I was 8 years old when I started to admire the work of a hair stylist, and I got to know the job through my neighbor who was working in the industry.

I get inspiration from my colleagues, social media, competitions and training.

In my work I like the most about entities where I can create changes that emphasize the client’s beautiful features with colour and cut. My special expertise is Mago extensions.

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Junior Stylist

I come from the Philippines, but I’ve lived in Finland for a long time. I have wanted to become a hair stylist since I was 13 years old. I always liked doing updos for my sisters, so I decided to study the profession in a hair styling school Unika. I’ve liked this industry so much.

I seek inspiration from all over, but above all I follow different hair styling influencers on social media.

I like doing all kinds of work in the salon, and I’m still really inspired to do updos and colourings.

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Style Director – Eco Hairstylist – Estenomi – Salon Manager

I’m from Helsinki and I have thought of being a hair stylist since I was a child. I tried to fight “my dream” for a moment. However, eventually I ended up studying to become a hairstylist.

I get inspired of travelling, the environment, my work community and also by following trendsetters and hairstylists around the world on social media.

I like client encounters and the joy the client gets from their new hair. I really enjoy doing entireties through colouring and cutting and I also like to do multi-coloured hair!

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Senior Stylist

I’m from Helsinki and the beauty industry has always been my main interest and I like customer service. I started studying in a private hairdressing school Unika, and I got a good starting point to become a hairstylist.

I am often inspired by Instagram and other social media portals. By following others, I get new nuances for my style. Trainings always offer new inspiration. I find training to be very important in our work because they allow me to create my customers the latest trend hair!

I love to make blonde hair and my style is quite classic. A variety of bleaching or styling techniques can be used to create personalized yet beautiful and natural hair. I’ve trained for different colouring techniques, for example highlight, balayage, babylights, colour contouring and lowlight. Hair extensions can bring an incredible change to the hair, which is why I like to use them. The changes created by hair extensions for clients are awesome! I use tape and Mago technique for hair extensions. In addition to working in a salon, I love working in TV productions and all kind of shoots. I’ve worked in many TV productions, such as Tähdet tähdet, Voitolla yöhön and Mallikoulu. I’ve been doing hair in numerous photo shoots, fashion shows and in a few music video shoots.