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Junior Stylist
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Art Director – Photographer – Filmmaker

I live in Helsinki. As a young boy I was always doing everyone’s hair and it was natural for me to start studying it. Later I also studied photography and now I’m doing that along with working as a hair stylist. I’m combining my two passions photography and being a hairstylist and I photograph a lot of marketing materials for Q Hair, too.

I get inspiration from all around me and I follow the industry and I’m interested in knowing what’s happening there.

I love doing every kind of works. Specially I like interacting with the customers and giving them joy and new style.

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Senior Stylist

I’m from Southwest Finland. The exciting atmosphere of the hair salon in the neighborhood of my childhood home was the factor that led me to this profession. I find inspiration for my work from experiences, shapes and using my hands.

Cutting and shaping hair has always been close to my heart and when it comes to colouring, I like to do really natural colours.

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Senior Stylist

I come from the heart of Savo. This has been my dream job since childhood. As a visual person I was attracted by beautiful things already when I was a child.

I get inspiration from social media. Among other things, I get ideas for hair from the picture feeds of big fashion brands and the ideals of beauty stays up to date.

The best part of my work is people. Customers whose day I can make a bit better with beautiful hair. I enjoy doing dyeing and cutting entities. I want to bring out the best of my customers, emphasizing personality. Simply put, modern but natural look.

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I live in Helsinki and I knew already at a really young age I wanted to be a hairstylist. I got interested in the industry by watching videos where people were cutting stunning hair. My goal is to become the best in all areas.

Vidal Sassoon’s work is my passion and inspiration. They are always made by high quality, pedantic work. In addition, I follow the industry’s influencers on social media platforms. My motto is “Practice until you’re the best, practice to remain the best”.

I like my passion for the industry, and it appears as a result in the hair of my customers.

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Senior Stylist

I’m originally from Tampere. I’ve always been interested in hair and hair styling, so it felt natural to become a hair stylist.

Currently I’m inspired by social media with the ability to follow the big names in the industry around the world. Nature and the colours that come from the nature also give me inspiration.

I enjoy colouring hair. I love all the possible ways to do them, from soft tones with nice twists to bright colours. Continuous self-development and challenging myself are important things for me, including taking part in various hair styling competitions

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Senior Stylist – Make Up Artist

I come from Oulu and I became interested in becoming a hairstylist as I watched my best childhood friend’s mother work as a hairdresser. I’m always looking for inspiration for my work in social media and trainings. Sports, health and beauty are close to my heart and I also work as part-time personal trainer. This helps me to create comprehensive well-being for my customers.

I enjoy helping my customers with hair and makeup problems and creating beautiful things. Makeup and hairdos are my strength alongside light long hair. I also like doing hair extensions with tapes.

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Style Director – Make Up Artist – Salon Manager

I live in Järvenpää and I got strongly carried away with hair styling already in school. Among working in a salon I’ve been able to work in fashion shows, photoshoots and tv-shows. Three national victories have also brought international success in hair styling competitions.

I get inspiration from all around me. Hair fashion changes all the time and it’s really inspiring.

I love working with people and my specialty in hair dyeing is natural colourings with nice nuances. I also do makeup and hairdos for celebration and everyday life.

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Senior Stylist

I come from Suonenjoki and I started dreaming of becoming a hair stylist as a child when I was helping my mother’s friend in their hair salon. I find my inspiration in the jobs I’ve done in multiple TV-shows and hair styling contests I’ve attended. I’ve been fortunate to be able to represent Finland all around the world. Those experiences have been a great opportunity to gain knowledge and get inspired. I enjoy being at work where I can be with people and implement my creativity.