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Junior Stylist
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Junior Stylist

I come from Jyväskylä. I am a graduate practical nurse and I worked in care for a while before I moved to Helsinki to pursue my dream and studied to become a hairstylist.

I get inspiration from my clients and co-workers. I also seek inspiration for my work from Pinterest and Instagram.

The best thing about my job is a satisfied and happy customer. Highlighting and doing blonde hair is my passion, but I also like to do big transformations.

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I come from Nuorgam, the northernmost village of Finland. I moved to Helsinki to study at Unika. I have wanted to study this profession since I was a little child and the decision was right for me.

I am inspired by everything around me, as well as the unique styles of my clients.

The most I like to do stripes and huge lightening works, and that’s also what I get to do the most. My favorite part of my job is to see my clients smiling and happy with their new hair.

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Junior Stylist - Make Up Artist

I come from Turku and I got into the industry through a cosmetology school. There I saw what being a hairstylist is like and got immediately excited. I have also always been creative and visual, so now it feels funny how I didn’t find this profession sooner!

I seek inspiration from different social media platforms, blogs, customers, people I admire and other professionals in the industry. It’s also best to find inspiration in the little things of everyday life, such as a new lipstick or sunset!

What I love the most about my work is my customers and the wonderful encounters with them! I also love the fact that I learn something new every day, or can benefit new skills in a new way. Colourings, makeup and updos are especially close to my heart!

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Art Director – Photographer – Filmmaker

I live in Helsinki. As a young boy I was always doing everyone’s hair and it was natural for me to start studying it. Later I also studied photography and now I’m doing that along with working as a hair stylist. I’m combining my two passions photography and being a hairstylist and I photograph a lot of marketing materials for Q Hair, too.

I get inspiration from all around me and I follow the industry and I’m interested in knowing what’s happening there.

I love doing every kind of works. Specially I like interacting with the customers and giving them joy and new style.

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Senior Stylist

My roots are in Vietnam, but I’ve spent my childhood in Kerava and now I live in the metropolitan area. Everything related to beauty and fashion has always been close to my heart, but my hairstylist sister was the person who made me interested in hair styling and trying out the profession.

In everyday life, I get my inspiration from my really skilled and talented colleagues, trainers and also social media.

The most I like to do natural and soft colours with balayage and striping. And I also favor carefully thought-out soft and moving lines. My entities are always tailor-made to emphasize the best of my clients.

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Creative Director

I come from a small village called Neuvoton, located near Hamina. I decided to become a hair stylist already when I was a child and I have been very determined with the matter. I studied in Kotka between 1986-1989.

The sources of inspiration for me today are strongly nature, movies and art. Because of these I’m very enthusiastic about using colours in my work. Most of all, however, I get inspiration from my dear colleagues. Customers themselves also inspire me.

As a stylist, many things have affected me. I could say that the main thing for me are my own experiences and life itself.

Most of all I like this absurd positive vibe that our work has. I also like the fact that I have learned to appreciate my own profession so that the customers will appreciate it as well.

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Senior Stylist

I am a customer-oriented and easy-going young woman from Rovaniemi. In all its simplicity, I decided to start studying to become a hair stylist. I studied and found a way I like to express myself. From that moment on, I have been diligently trained and found my own way of doing and implementing things.

I am inspired by everything I see and experience, but I find the most inspiration from each of my clients.

I’ve always been fascinated by what the layout and small shade differences can do for the entity and how to get a tailor-made brilliant result. That’s where my little perfectionist comes up. True natural and soft colours or really light end results are my thing. Especially the different lightening techniques and using them is my strength.

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Senior Stylist

I’m originally from Loimaa. After high school I spent a few years thinking about what I would like to do. I dreamed of a becoming a hairstylist since I was a child, so I ended up eventually studying the profession in a vocational college. It was worth it to consider what I would like to do because now I’m in my dream job.

I get inspiration from social media, trainings and my very skilled colleagues. Conversations with colleagues in the backroom about techniques and mixing colours inspire every day at work.

I love to make light hair and big colour changes. The harder the project, the greater the joy of success. It’s also really nice to meet new people and get to know my clients while I’m doing their hair.

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Style Director – Salon Manager

I’m half Iranian. I’ve always liked hair, beauty care, fashion and different styles. I started with this profession straight from primary school and I have had the pleasure to do this for over 20 years!

Inspiration is found everywhere, just keep your eyes open.

The best part of my job is that every day and work is different, its versatility, people!

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Senior Stylist – Make Up Artist

I’m originally from Mikkeli. At the age of four I first said that I would become a hair stylist. Hair and trends have strongly remained as my interest to this day.

I get inspiration from everything around me. Mostly from social media like Instagram and Pinterest, but also from magazines!

I like doing all kind of works from makeup to beard grooming, but most of all I like to combine colouring and cutting and I love to invest in a beautiful finish! I also do hair extensions and keratin treatments.