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Junior Stylist
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Art Director – Photographer – Filmmaker

I live in Helsinki. As a young boy I was always doing everyone’s hair and it was natural for me to start studying it. Later I also studied photography and now I’m doing that along with working as a hair stylist. I’m combining my two passions photography and being a hairstylist and I photograph a lot of marketing materials for Q Hair, too.

I get inspiration from all around me and I follow the industry and I’m interested in knowing what’s happening there.

I love doing every kind of works. Specially I like interacting with the customers and giving them joy and new style.

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I’m from Kouvola and being a hairstylist has been my dream profession since I was a child.

I seek inspiration from colleagues, social media, street fashion and every customer as a person.

 Most of all, I like the variability, customer contacts and the fact that my work is immediately visible. By improving the customer’s look, I get them happy and it also brings joy to me.

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Style Director – Make Up Artist – Salon Manager

I’m from Kauniainen. I wanted to become a craftswoman. I first studied to become a makeup artist and I also wanted to learn how to do hair because I wanted to be able to do photoshoots. At school however I was fascinated by the profession of a hairdresser and realized how versatile this is.

I get inspired from just about everything. I also train hard, because I can always learn something new.

In my work I enjoy entities, how the colour and cut support each other.

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Senior Stylist – Make Up Artist

I was born in Kouvola. I knew already in secondary school that I wanted to be a hairstylist. After elementary school, I went to a hairstyling school and then to a private makeup school. I have been able to realize my dream for twenty years now.

Since this industry is always living in a new period of transition, I like to train myself regularly. Vidal Sassoon, Toni&Guy, KC Professional and Wella to name a few. I can always find something new on Instagram and Youtube. I also get a lot inspiration for something new from my colleagues.

I get the most energy from the versatility of this work. All experiences with my customers are always different. I especially like the variability of cutting and colouring techniques. Working with customers itself is really rewarding.

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I’m from Helsinki and I ended up becoming a hairstylist because I’m artistic and this profession supports it. I studied in Unika, Helsinki.

My job at Q Hair, trainings and international trainers give me inspiration. It’s also inspiring to work with different kind of techniques and get great results for my customers.

In my work I like the most encountering my customers and how much I get joy through people, and I enjoy learning new things. I can make the customer so happy, even with a small change such as colouring the roots or cutting just an inch.

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Senior Stylist

I’m originally from the west coast, but I’ve lived in Helsinki for years now. I had only two options as my possible profession; either a florist or a hairstylist, so I became a hairstylist.

I get inspired by urban street fashion, art and subcultures. That’s where I get ideas for my work.

I love customer encounters. My favorite things to do at work are hairdos, cutting and colouring.

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Senior Stylist

I’m originally from Kuopio. After high school I applied to study in a university, but already at that time my childhood dream job was strongly on my mind. So, I ended up studying to become a hairstylist and I’ve had the pleasure to work in this industry for ten years already.

I find inspiration from everything I see and experience around me: art, street scene, nature, social media and especially sharing experiences with my colleagues. Trainings also always bring me new inspiration.

In my work I like the most encountering my customers and that we can find the right style just for them. I especially enjoy colouring light hair.